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Feel free to preview my other show: DOUBLE OR NUTIN'

* BRODIAN'S BASEMENT *  Seen on Phillycam! - Philadelphia
Mondays 10:00 PM Comcast 66/966 and Verizon 29/30
(Now also on Fairfax, VA. Public Access channel 10! - various program times)

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Pictured: top row: Program host, Stewart Brodian with guitar legend Les Paul,
Stewart at The White House in Washington, D.C.!

Bottom row:Stewart as Howard Stern, with 2 Britney Spears impersonators + onstage.
Brodian's Basement shows independent short films + music videos.
To have your film considered for the show send a DVD to:
Brodian's Basement P.O. Box 1253 Easton, PA. 18044
or, email a file to: [email protected]
(yes, we do interviews!)

Brodian's Basement episode #7 Featuring Joe Franklin + Jolly Joe Timmer!

Brodian's Basement episode 27

Music videos from Inas X, Say We Can Fly, Arash (featuring Snoop Dog), Modern Baseball, The Duel, AJ Mathers, Holly Spears, Chelsea Dash, Shel, Mai Lee, Coastguard, and Better Leaf.  Film promo for "Look Who's Back", Britney Spears impersonator in Las Vegas, and a Tim Kaine campaign speech!

Brodian's Basement episode 28

Music videos from; Sarantos, Koncept, Metro Station, Fun Cam, Devi, Nav Monjo, Fictionalists, Astronauts Of Antiquity, ESH, Logan Lynn - interview: Genoveva Rossi.

Brodian's Basement episode 29

Profile and interview on show host, Stewart Brodian - conducted by Kirsten Quinn - includes acoustic guitar performances - short film: Steam Speed.

Brodian's Basement episode 30

Music videos from The Refusers, Kevin Andreas, Majek Fashek, Manafest, Nehemia, Janet Devlin, The Strive, True Widow, Cooper Alan, Milk n Cooks x Twins, Kristina Cotton, Wordsmith, Farra Mechael.  Show host, Stewart Brodian visits the Freemont Street promenade in Las Vegas and his 'self made interview'!

Brodian's Basement episode 31

Music videos from; Rachael Sage, Drew Nugent, Ulrich Ellison and Tribe, Kick The Robot, Jennifer Vazques, Eclypse, Saville, Christy Jefferson, Surface Plugs.  Films; Devil's Deal (horror), Trump To The Future (comedy).

Brodian's Basement episode 32

videos; Soul Eye (w/ Alanis Morissette), David Lunning, Ayron Jones, Chino XL + Rama Duke, Paul Hill + George Clinton, Samie Bower, Chance The Rapper, Oliver James, Major, Christopher Brothers.
Films; Hatchback, 3:00 AM, The Red Strangler.

Brodian's Basement episode 33

Music videos from; Robin Mossing, Bedroom Eyes, Garan'te, Kobra & The Lotus, Amir Higher, Sara Leone, Camilla Tucker, Corrington Wheeler, Baggi w/Sylvia Tosun, Monday Justice, Sha Sha Jones, Jimmy La-Mer, Blacktop Mojo, Carry Illinois. Plus, a walkaround at a pre-1916 car show!

Brodian's Basement episode 34

Videos from; Wayne Oliver, Pros & Icons, Vices, Gayla James, DJ Pebbles, Chad Jenkins, Holly Spears, Muriel + Jenny Miller.  Short film: Gift Horses.

Brodian's Basement episode 35

Music videos from; Orlando Monday Allen, Susan Aquilla, Fate Under Fire, Anubis Gate, Triarchy (ft. J. Lauryn), Cunnington Wheeler, Jennifer McGill, Madison Williams, Alex Who?, Noah Parker.  Film: The Giant.  Interview + film promo; Igal Hecht "My Home".  Visit to the 2017 Pin(ball)fest!

Brodian's Basement episode 36

Videos from; Alarm For War, Kidd Star, Trevor Jackson, Elijah Blake, Cavalen, Sausage Chop, Jordan Hurwitz, J Lauryn, Granny 4 Barrel, The Skullers, Gary Dorking & Jimmy Van Zant + the return of '5 minutes of Reality'!

Brodian's Basement episode # 37

videos by; Rex Stax, Milk n',Cooks, Salt Ashes, Strong As Angolt, Sarah Winston (live), Paradise Drive, Tyga, Khristin Narin, Gladshot, Bushmen.  Film: Flip Of A Coin +5 minutes of Reality (Newtown NY - Revolutionary War history)

Brodian's Basement episode # 38

Music videos by; Laura Cheadle, S. Sponji Living, Tiff Randoll, Jim Steager, Linda Chorney "When I Sing (film promo), bio on ThundHERstruck (female AC/DC tribute band), Lefty Jones Band, Smithereens tribute, Half The Animal, "Stop Think Connect" (online safety PSA), J Lamine, M. Maggie, Kriss Angelis, Snake And Chain and a Bon Jovi tribute act.

Brodian's Basement episode # 39

Videos from, David Caesar, Arita Downright, Cat Dail, Rare Essence, Ryan Chernin, Freedom, Sintra, Top Mandella, The Maenson, Sloppy Jane, Kacey Willims, Fanny Walked The Earth, Rod Clemmons.

Brodian's Basement episode # 40

Music videos by, Boris Rene, Chuck Daggers, Caesar, Niki, The Looking, The Walk-A-Bout, Josey Welz, Kaiju The Unconquerable, Too Fast, Kobra And The Lotus. Short film: Gabe.  Interviews; Michelle Shocked, Linda Chorney, April Brucker

Brodian's Basement episode 41

Music videos from; Luc, The Looking,, Barry  Rock, The Mrs, Shiragirl, Jay Watts, Jett Edwards & Imanori, Project, Olivia, Cella, William Dolan, Jon Martin ft Kate Wild. 
Film: Distracted
Interviews; Alex Meixner band, 
Broadway cast of "Starring Clara Bow"

Brodian's Basement episode 42

Music videos from; Laura Cheadle, Coastcity (featuring Louis Fonsi), Blew Money, ConSio, [short film "Tides of Wyrd"], Biagio, Keith Wallen, Jerad Finck, Sydney Ranee, a video from The World Domination Summit [artists gathering], Essra Mowhawk, Lisette Melendez, The Clay People.

Brodian's Basement #43 April 2019

Videos; Lexie Liu, Mama Spanx, Elan Suave, One On One (ft Nellz Supreme), Deaf Wish, J Mascis, Arita, Lance King. Films; Star Trek Isolation Out Of The Fire, Big Fish Blues (film promo) show's host, Stewart Brodian interviewing book authors at the NYC book publisher's Media Summit

Brodian's Basement episode #44

videos; Mudhoney, J Mascis, Higher Brothers, Darrell Kelley, Tiana Kicker,, Should Zoe, Orville Peck.  Short film: "I thought I told you to shut up" (bio on comic book Reid Fleming and creator Dave Boswell). Film promo: Project Wolf. Walkarounds at Easton, PA. Heritage Day festival, Bethlehem, PA.'s Muzikfest + Queen City Airport's 75th anniversary celebration.

Brodian's Basement episode #45 Aug 2019

Music videos; Gia, Madison Violet, Big Caz,  Cherokee, ILLacrimo, Sada Baby, Younijosh,  Seth Hirsch, Jerad Finck, Sleepersound, Don Silver, Wang Chung Orchestra Short film:-Planet Unknown 

Brodian's Basement episode # 46

Music videos; Major, OG Cuicide, Safe As Houses, Andrea Carlson, Perfect Son, Matt Warren, Charming Disaster, Jillian Rae, William Dole, Core. indie film: When Voices Meet.

Brodian's Basement episode # 47

Music videos from: Delanila, Josh Olsen,
Ming,,Nolan Gross, Moistboyz, Phoenix Keyz, Z!ee,,Katie Barbato, Swagata, Bomb Digz, Biswas,Parlotones,Olivia Rox. Short film trailer for "Smiley".

Brodian's Basement episode #48

Music videos by; Allegra,,Catali, Cravmo, Flower Child,Jay, Lodato,,Sekou Andrews & The String Theory, Jay Q, Iggy Azalea, Christafari. Short film: "Only The Ball Was White (part 1).

Brodian's Basement episode #49

Music Videos: Cutting crew, Mc Mixsion, Fred Clarke,  Billy Porter, The HU with Lizzy Hale (of Halestorm), Mon Cher Canada, Hott Kitty Kat, Des, Dina Renee, Naya, Mary Ann Farley
short film"Only The Ball Was White"(part 2)

Cambridge Cable episode schedule:

(Conforms with Philadelphia schedule)

Show schedules on Latest TV in the UK are weekly, instead of monthly - starting March 2016.

EPISODE # 50 !!!

Film: Covid Thoughts - 
Music videos by;  Debbie Gibson, Loopolai, Chamomile And Whiskey, Haim, The Good Hurt, The Foresters, Asher Laub, Capt Kirk And The Devil Horns, Zarbo, Ellen Starski

Episode 52

Videos from; Annie Hamilton, GOTA, Matthew Vella, Allegra, Black Angel, Amanda Rinay, Eskoh, Core, Chris Silcox, DJ Swamp, Casual Fantastic, Hazel Mquade, Blackmores Night. Films; A Devil Inside, To Tarzania

Episode 51

Music videos;
Janet Devlin, Joe killington, Kim Tibbs, Laura Cheadle, Nature Of Rebel Minds, Summer Dennis, Queen V, The Caught, The Dead Deads, Weapons of Anew, The Jaded Lips - Where do we run
Dirty Motel, The Platters. Films; Rally Studios - bowling alley video, roughcut presents with bird box studio - pub dog (animated short film), MF Ross Productions - The Dark Goodbye ( short film )

Episode 53

Videos from; OK Mayday, Randy Edelman, Matthew Schultz w/ Zolo, Maddox Jones, Van Wagner, Bee B, Captain Kirk with The Devil Horns, Kendra. Film promo: "Bite Me". Interview: NBA star Carrick Felix

Brodian's Basement episode # 54

VIDEOS:The Love Kills, Amber Nadine, Jackson Pines, True Hustler, Anthony Sprunk, Broken Rail, The Cucumbers, Lala Wright , Christafari, Gigi Vega, Jay Cpoes, 27, Paradise Drive, Kendra Erika - Film: Dear Sofia

Brodian's Basement episode # 55

Music videos by; The Mona Lisa Twins, Jann Klose,,Tthe Reptyles,, Sean Sanczel, Cliff Beach,,Buckhead Boyz, Cpt. Kirk and the Devil Horns, White boy and the average Rat Band,Tempest, Oceanography - and a short film called "Purple Heart".

Brodian's Basement episode # 56

Music videos by; Hank Wedel ft Clodagh Mai & Declan Sinnot, Jackson Pines, Fire Tiger, Red Voodoo, The Cucumbers, The Beths, Branded Bluegrass, The Loosies, Joe Normal, Tom Cavanaugh, Spirits.- Short films; Being Robin, Another Relationship, Choice, Pretty For A Dark Skinned Girl, Tell Your Story America, Groomsday.

Episode # 57

Videos; Screen Age, Gabriele Saro, Lissie Jay, Vandoliers , Pete Muller, Jonny Ray, Wibby White, Rebecca Carrington, Liverpool Legends, Mara Katria, Van Wagner, Gilli Moon, Jennifer Vazquez - films: Toto La Momposina "la Colombiana", Runaways on St. Marks Place'